Of Bugs and Men

by Barbara Lietke on 01/22/2019

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Of Bugs and Men

Your home is no place for bugs. Coexisting with these foreign intruders can hasten the natural deterioration of your house and put your family at risk to health problems. Living with pests can affect your home lifestyle and take away the coziness of your private space.

Midwest Exterminating understands that sharing your home with bugs can be annoying. Our expertise in pest control had turned thousands of households bug-free. Bug infiltration doesn’t stop there, though. Knowing how to get rid of bugs naturally is the key to keep your home a healthy and safe place.

Here are natural ways to keep bugs out of your property.

Keep Home Clean and Intact

Prevention is the best way to solve bug problems. Keeping your home clean and damage-free discourages pests. Realize that food attracts bugs the most. Clean every nook and cranny of your home and put out your trash every night. Seal food containers and clear food particles quickly after eating.

Block every entry point into your house. Adding screens to doors and windows can keep flying bugs from going inside. Fix small cracks to prevent tiny insects from finding a passageway into your premises. Spot and seal all openings to stop bugs from marching in.

Use Kitchen Remedies

Essential oils can keep bugs at bay. They produce a strong odor that insects hate. Putting orange and lemon peelings inside the cupboards and leaving eucalyptus, peppermint, and mint on places where insects gather can repel them effectively.

Sprinkling garlic and pepper powder along the edge of your home will discourage insects from entering. Pepper and garlic are natural repellents to bugs.

Create a bug killing solution. The mixture of one liter of water, a cup of sugar, and a teaspoon of Borax would serve as a natural insecticide. A soapy solution also works in killing bugs.

Trap Them with a Bug Catcher

Make your own bug catcher to trap pests. Mix a tablespoon of granulated white and brown sugar with ¼ cup of syrup. Apply it to strips of brown paper and let them dry overnight. Place or hang them on areas where bugs usually gather and pass by. Use small pieces of food as bait. This sticky paper can also trap bigger pest such as cockroaches and rats.

These natural ways are effective in controlling pest around the house. If the contamination is hard to control, though, get our services to get rid of your uninvited guests. Live a bug free life! Visit us at https://www.midwestext.com to know how we can remove pest out of your home for good.