Ant Pest Control

Ants are among the most common and most difficult pests to control. We will shut down ants and other pests, and our preventive solutions adapt with seasonal pest activity to give you year-round protection.

Odorous House Ant- Tapinoma sessile

Odorous house ants are usually one-eighth inch long. They are black in color and have a single node hidden by the front of their abdomen. A colony may have many queens, making them very difficult to control. These types of ants may enter homes when colonies become very large, as their natural food or water sources may become scarce. This also happens in case of drought, flood, or other extreme climate conditions. They typically prefer sweet foods, but they also eat protein foods like meats and cheeses. Ants that live outdoors feed mainly on honeydew produced by insects such as aphids and mealy bugs. For long-term control of odorous house ants, elimination of food, water, and nesting sites is necessary.

Red Imported Fire Ant- Solenopsis invicta

Red Imported Fire Ant workers have different sizes with some as small as one-sixteenth of an inch while others are one-quarter long. Their mounds are typically found in soil or lawns that receive enough sunlight. During cooler months, mounds appear near areas that hold heat through the night such as curbs, sidewalks, driveways, structures, electrical poles, and boxes. These ants can be seen anywhere from a few inches to several feet and with multiple holes across their mound’s surface. They come boiling out from the holes when disturbed. Workers have painful stings. Bites may become a raised and sore area with a white pustule in the center.This type of ant is considered a serious medical, agriculture, and property pest. Fast acting products should be applied to mounds in areas of high traffic. Mounds in low or no traffic areas are usually treated using baits especially designed for fire ants.

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Carpenter Ant – Camponotus spp.

Carpenter ants normally measure over one-quarter of an inch or larger, with different colors depending on the species. When these ants live inside structures, they are good indicators that water has infiltrated the structure. They are active in the evening and at night. This makes it difficult to locate their colony during daytime. They kick debris out of their nesting areas, which is among the first signs of a carpenter ant problem. Main colonies of carpenter ants are usually found outdoors such as in the hollows of trees or stumps. They feed on plant juices, insects, meats, cheeses, and other food items.

Feral Ant

Feral ants, also known as sugar ants invade homes and particularly target kitchens. These ants are drawn to food. This is why part of ant pest control measures is to clean the house carefully and avoid leaving food out.

Slab Ant

Slab ants or pavement ants are the small ants usually seen in the cracks of your sidewalk or driveway. They are black-brown in color and they build up little piles of dirt on such areas. These ants can be a serious problem when they get into your garage or basement.

If any of these ants are becoming a threat to your property and your family’s health and safety, Midwest Exterminating is ready to help you out. Call us for a free estimate or to schedule an ant pest control service.